LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring with Telescope Tube – Made in Germany

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LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring with telescope tube in versions …

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LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring

LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring

LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring

During repair work, it is an advantage if the hood can be opened wider than usual. To achieve a larger opening angle, the pressure tube of this ( LIFT-O-MAT gas spring ) version is equipped with an additional plastic tube that can be extended like a telescope.

Function LIFT-O-MAT Gas Spring

STABILUS offers the LIFT-O-MAT with telescope tube in versions with and without pressure tube lock. In engine hoods, the end position lock provides extra safety because it will hold the hood safely in position during work performed. However, no lock will be necessary if only a larger return stroke is required. If the telescope tube is unlocked, the flap can be opened by hand until the mechanism catches in the end position, where it will hold the lid safely open. For closing, the telescope tube must be unlocked again, after passing the return stroke, the hood can be closed safely and dampened.

Advantages LIFT-O-MAT

  • Will stay safely open at larger angles
  • Locking and unlocking directly on the adjustment element
  • Additional protection against unintentional closing
  • Maintenance-free
  • Return stroke/additional stroke
  • Compact installation size


  • Hoods
  • Seats

Lid drives from STABILUS offer a high level of comfort and safety for opening and closing

With the POWERISE systems from STABILUS, the trunk will open by remote control within seconds. Pressing the remote control again will close it. The rest will happen automatically, safely and reliably.
And, the lid can be stopped in any intermediate position.
Integrated in the POWERISE drives is a sensor system that reliably eliminates safety risks due to improper operation or use.

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